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We Connect Your Products with Thousands of Shelves.

You have a great product. We know right where to place it. Partner with us & start cultivating retail demand for your business, today.
Key Retailer Relationships

Note: this is just a sample size of our many great retailer relationships.

GRM Represented Brands Make it to market.

Through our expansive team of Key Account Managers, Back-Office Sales support team, Promo Team and Sales Merchandisers, we are capable of adjusting to the needs of our diverse brands.

We have the capacity to cultivate retail demand in order to grow your sales in the western USA.

Olykraut - Represented by GRM
Seal Of The Seasons - Represented by GRM
Lily Of The Desert - Represented by GRM
Perfect Amino - Represented by GRM
Goldthread - Represented by GRM
dosa, represented by GRM
Lillies BBQ Sauce - Represented by GRM
Daytrip - Represented by GRM
Leclerc - Represented by GRM
Consumer Good Brand - Represented by GRM
Bamboo Nature - Represented by GRM
Zack's - Represented by GRM

GRM Represented Brands On Shelves

Hand drawn image of the inside of a super market with a sign that reads "Now promoting your brand!"

Our Services Help You Grow.

Grass Roots Marketing gets your products on the shelf and moving, always keeping our experienced sales team connected to key retailers via frequent in-store sales calls.

We deliver monthly reports highlighting our efforts including: pictures of increased market share, faster speed-to-shelf, more filled distribution voids, expanded coverage.

EDLP programs, promotional support/promotional meetings, category reviews, brand development consulting, product demo sourcing.

We Meet Brands Where They Are At.

Our team is experienced in working with brands of various sizes, from small start-up’s looking to get into distribution to national brands that have over 1 billion in sales per year.

GRM works with the all the major natural/specialty consumer package distributors on the west coast to help increase your points of distribution.

Note: this is just a sample size of our many great distributor relationships.

A map of the western USA including Arizona, California, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana, Utah, Nevada, Alaska, and the islands of Hawaii

We have strong roots across the western United States.

Grass Roots Marketing has amazing service representatives covering all major metropolitan markets in Alaska, Arizona, California, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Oregon, Utah, and Washington.


We value our clients’ confidentiality. The following are from actual GRM clients.

“We have absolutely loved working with GRM to represent our brand. Their team’s dedication to promoting ethical and sustainable products aligns perfectly with our values.

Their creative strategies and genuine passion for our products have helped us to reach a wider audience.”

-GRM Client
“You will not find a more professional sales team in the natural industry to entrust with your brands distribution growth. GRM is led by industry veterans, who know how to scale brand distribution efficiently and lead all areas of program management, once placement is gained.

The team GRM has built is impressive, with regional and account managers with years of experience who prioritize positive communication with each buying team in their respective areas of responsibility, for the benefit of all their brand partners”.

-GRM Client
“I have been working with Grass Roots Marketing for a year and a half, when I took over this management position and “inherited” them! I have been extremely happy with the team, their great attitudes, their willingness to work toward a goal, their dedication to their brands, and their accomplishments!

I would definitely hire them if I didn’t already have them!!”

-GRM Client

Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQs

A broker is a person or company that helps to facilitate transactions between producers (you and your brand) and industry buyers (retail stores and distribution channels).

Brokers are often considered part-time salespersons for your business, negotiating prices and conditions for business transactions.

Brokers typically have deep insight into the market and can help determine the foundations of your product, as well as how to compete against your competitors. 

Brokers have deep knowledge of categories and markets, as well as long standing relationships with buyers in key markets that allow for fast-tracking your product to shelf. 

Key relationships and working knowledge of each retailer and distributor significantly cuts down the legwork required to establish clear communication, contract details, opening offers, refill needs, velocity, etc.

They also assist in negotiating contracts that establish key business details such as (examples):

  • Producer will deliver “x” amount of units by a certain date
  • Retailer will sell “y” product on the third shelf for 10 weeks
  • The producer will supply two flavors and will add additional flavors for summer seasonal sales

Getting your product on a shelf is only half of the battle.

Besides continuing to grow your brand into more retailers, brokers continually communicate with retailers and distributors to identify voids on the shelf, market trends, etc., that they then relay to your business so you may make critical decisions regarding your production output, operations, etc.

Often enough, brokers supply critical analysis of the market and your competitors which allows for you to tune your business to outcompete your competition.

The market knowledge that brokers have is invaluable to a small business. Often enough, small businesses do not have the immediate capital (or time) required to produce their product, hire a professional and experienced sales team, and promote the product.

Partnering with a broker can alleviate those issues, as well as provide a strong advocate for your brand should your sales begin to falter at a retailer. Your broker can negotiate offerings that can help boost sales and keep you in retail. 

Lastly, many larger retailers and distributors do not work directly with small brands; preferring to work with a dedicated professional (broker) that already understands their needs and requirements.

GRM Specific FAQs

GRM works with brands that are considered natural/organic brands, health food brands, health & beauty brands (oral care, skin care, etc), supplement brands, non-food brands, home and gift, and pet food brands.

GRM does not work with brands that are formatted to sell into the food service industry.

After the recession of 2012 and realizing the difficulty for new innovative and local brands to retain representation in the Pacific NW Market, David Victor and Rody Oueis partnered to
create Grass Roots Marketing, LLC (GRM).

In 2020 Grass Roots Marketing created Grass Roots Marketing SoPac LLC after receiving ongoing requests to widen our coverage, we decided to expand and offer services to the Arizona, California, Hawaii, Nevada, and Western Utah markets. 

We offer a range of administrative support from our best-in-class onboarding, monthly retailer newsletters, executing promotions, and monthly activity reports. Connect with us to learn more about how we support our brands.

We value our clients’ privacy on public platforms like our website. That said, we are happy to share success stories from our many great represented brands during a meeting or phone call. Reach out to us to learn more!

Great question. Head on over to our Team page to learn more about our great employees and their professional experience.